Reflexology and Reiki mastery services in Drummondville

Do you want to take care of yourself and recharge your batteries? Do you want to find solutions to the problems you encounter? You’ve come to the right place. Thanks to my experience as a Reflexologist, Reiki Master and respected reflexology teacher throughout Québec, I offer you complete services with the objective of your general well-being.

Many of the problems we suffer from could be solved by using alternative methods to the traditional use of drug treatments. Through my services you benefit from the knowledge and skills acquired over the years with visible results. The objective? That you feel better in your head and your skin.

Creator of perceptive reflexology and available as much as possible, I am at your disposal so that through our sessions, we can help you find solutions to your problems through a personal approach.

Complete services based on your needs

Have you ever thought about reflexology or Reiki to help you feel better? To speed up a healing process or enjoy good vibes with a visible effect on your mood and health, different techniques can work and have an unexpected effect on you.

Here are the services I offer you in the service of well-being and holistic health:

Foot reflexology

Perceptual Reflexology

Hand and ear reflexology

Meridian reflexology


Health naturally

Based on high-level energy techniques, the services I offer come from the most innovative training in natural health. Combining a perceptive approach and care, all these techniques aim to harmonize the mind and body so that you feel better visibly.

As victims of our modern world, we too often neglect our emotional and psychological well-being and this has consequences on our health: increased stress, incessant reflection, even deep inner discomfort are the symptoms of this neglect. The use of traditional medication is in most cases unable to get us out of this bad time.

Former president of the National Reflexology Association of Québec, creator of perceptual reflexology, reflexologist of feet, hands, ears and meridians and Reiki master, I aim by my practices to free you and harmonize your relationship with yourself, with the objective that you feel relieved quickly.

Step towards wellness

To free yourself from the tensions that disturb you and take a first step towards physical and psychological well-being, contact me at (450) 293-4371 and tell me more about your problem. I will be pleased to respond kindly as soon as possible.

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Hours : Monday to Sunday by appointment
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